Coming Undone 7"

by Crybaby

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Recorded on July 15th, 2012 at Limbo House in West Chester, PA by Sean Morris.
Mastered by Mammoth Sound Mastering in Santa Cruz, CA by Dan Randall.

Additional vocals on tracks one and two by Pat Graham and Sean Morris.

These songs are released as a demo tape through TAPE CASE, TAPE LABEL during Summer of 2012 and as a 7" through SQUARE OF OPPOSITION and MY PARENTS' RECORDS during Winter of 2012.


released July 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Crybaby West Chester, Pennsylvania

We're a band as of May 2012.
Alex- Drums
Ed- Bass
Matt- Guitar / Vocals

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Track Name: Canyon
Two black eyes and fucking numbers that won't add up.
Enough to fill your pockets out onto the floor, you're off this week and I'm working more.
It's a cigarette pack, it's a violent heart attack.
It's an overdose and it's comatose, that's my body floating off the coast
I want to smash your fucking brains in, give them an exit out the back of your head but I just stand there in silence patiently smiling instead.
You're a coward who finishes first, you're a swinging fist, a fucking symptom that lurks years after treatment, passively fearing the worst.
Track Name: Bad News, Dude
I'm choking on the fumes, the water rises up in a shallow tomb.
My lungs collapse my bones are artifacts and I'm standing still as my life moves past.
And my heart beats, less than it needs to cause it's fucking weak.
And you'll trouble yourself till you find a fucking excuse that you can hide behind.
Track Name: Crash Kart
Hiding under a pillow, buried beneath the sheets.
About to admit to the world that I'm too defeated to be anything other than what I've been lately.
Which is obnoxiously comfortable and complacent and hating everything.
So I'm taking my reasons to be disappointed over and over again.
I'm taking them with my anger to the ocean, I'll throw them in.
Because life's too short to waste time and wanting to die.
At the end of the day we can say we survive.
I left early in my mind, to retreat to that place where I'm so confined.
My hands are shaking, my body is aching, I can never find a reason to calm down.
It's like my heart's just fucking counting down.
Track Name: Barbed Wire
Barbed wire lines the inside of every ribcage thats been broken into and abused.
By the ones we love, or by the dreams that we woke up from.
The seams feel like they're always coming undone.
I can feel it caving in, all the fears finally decided, they're never gonna win.
It was followed by an impact, a sudden rush of confidence making contact.
We're not sick of each other, we're sick of feeling like that.
It's good to realize, all of the places that we hide and the moves we make to keep our emotions behind.